Wednesday July 3




Program      Österlens Släkt- och Folklivsforskarförening

Here you will meet very experienced local genealogists who will be able to give you more information about the archives, the people, the villages and various aids. This is suitable for beginners as well for very experienced genealogists. Costs are included in the entrance fee.

Glimmingehus 10 – 18 Open house Österlens SF Glimmingehus

Program       Ystadbygdens Släkt- & Bygdeforskarförening

The genealogical society invites everybody to an open house and there will be support provided to find places/farm houses/huts/people.

Sjöbo 10 – 13 Open house with genealogy support Ystadbygden Dagcentral, Lillgatan 5
Södra Åsum 13:30 Guided tour of the church and cementary A Axelsson R Sjöstedt Old Church
Södra Åsum Massacre of Büdelsbach 1387    Battle at Borst March 25, 1644 J Jönsson Old Church

Program       Söderslätts Släkt & Hembygdsforskarförening

Trelleborg 11 – 16 How to do reserach? Söderslätts SH Library