Friday July 5




Program     Åsbo Släkt- och Folklivsforskarförening

Please download the program here. (Swe)

In collaboration with the societies of Hyllstofta Ryggåsstuga, Klippans Hembygdsförening, Riseberga-Färingtofta Hembygdsförening, Östra Ljungby och Källna socknars Hembygdsförening.

9:00 – 17:00 Open house of Åsbo Släkt- och Folklivsforskare at their house Föreningshuset Sågen i Klippan, (Ängelholmsgatan 7).

Here you will be able to get support from experienced local genealogists to find places/farmhouses/Huts/People and how to find different localities in the surroundings. Even information about interesting excursions and possibility for DNA testing.

Guided tour Bygdeband, Blomgrens Bildarkiv

Klippan 11:00 Lecture “På Skånska glasbrukets Tid Guno Haskå House of the Association
Vedby Kyrka 14:00 Guided tour of Vedby Church Ann-Marie Nelson Vedby Kyrka

If you order your lunch before Thursday, 12:00pm, you will be able to enjoy it at the old  “Össjö Krog” in the local history village of Elfdalen in Klippan. Order through email 

Tips for Visitors 13 – 17 ( Fika, coffee and cake available)

Klippan Local history village Elfdalen More Info
Hyllstofta Hyllstofta Ryggåsstuga More Info
Ljungbyhed Polemansgården More Info
Stidsvig Tingsgården More Info

Program  Kullabygdens Släktforskare

Exhibition and viewing of our extensive library/archive. Information about the Kulla family. Possibility to do research in all files/books and all databases related to genealogy.

No entrance fee. Coffee/Tea with cake will cost SEK 20.-. Warm welcome!

Höganäs 10 – 15 Open house Linnegatan 15

Program     Ängelholms Släktforskare 

Ängelholm 11-15 Open house Ängelholms Bibliotek