Tuesday July 2




Program          Mellanskånes Släkt- och Hembygdsforskarförening

The genealogical society invites everybody to an open house including support in genealogy and DNA analysis. DNA testing will be possible. There will be information material provided by the association and it will be possible to take a ”fika” (Swedish word for drinking coffee/tea and eat homebaked goods)

Hörby 10 – 16 Open house Bykupan Osbyholm
13:00 How can DNA support in finding a Murderer or reveal other Family Secrets Lena Sohlberg Wagner Bykupan Osbyholm
14:15 Find “Father Unknown” with the support of DNA Christina Sagersten Bykupan Osbyholm
After the lectures there will be a possibility to make a  DNA test.
Hörby 17:00 Guided tour of the new and old cemetery Meeting point is at the chapel of the old cemetery

Program           Eslöv-Höör Släkt- och Folklivsforskare

In collaboration with Frosta Härads Hembygdsförening

Download the program for Hurva here. (Swe)

Everybody is welcome to the program below who has been living in Hurva, who has his roots here or who is generally curious how a village in the middle of Skåne looked like between 1950-1960 and how the people have made their living,

Hurva 10:00 Hurva’s Parish 600 years (exhibition) Hurva Gästis
10:30 Guided walk through the village
14:00 Guided tour of the cemetery Hurva Kyrka
15:00 Old and new memories Församlingshem

Program   Staffanstorps Släktforskare

In collaboration with Staffanstorps Hembygdsförening (Staffanstorp’s local history association) the associations invite everybody to an open house where you can meet their representatives who will be able to give more information about Staffantstorp and will be able to answer any of your questions.

The archaeological center in Uppåkra and the local history association of Staffanstorp have put together two interesting exhibitions.

Staffanstorp 10 – 17 Open house, Genealogy support Staffanstorps Släktforskare Community House
Staffanstorp 13:00 Those who have lived at  Malmövägen in the 50´s Lena Johansson Community House
Staffanstorp 16:00 Uppåkra, a Iron Age town Monika Lennartsson Community House
Staffanstorp 10 – 17 Uppåkra Exhibition Uppåkra Arkeologiska Center Community House
Staffanstorp 10 – 17 Exhibition Local history association Staffanstorp Community House